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I believe that Texas is uniquely positioned to lead our nation in rejecting the premise that government is the solution to our problems.

Meet Bo

For the past 20 years, Bo has worked in growing businesses. He has started small businesses, created jobs and taken risks in the marketplace. As an entrepreneur, Bo has created innovative solutions to the challenges the market threw at him, including massive taxes and an ever-growing regulatory environment.


Friends, Running for office comes at a price. There is a reason good people don’t take on the political establishment – they know that those in power will stop at nothing to keep it. That is where my family’s story comes in. Two years ago, after much prayer, consideration and the blessing of my…

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I’m In

Friends, Two years ago we ran on a message that conservative representation was lacking in our district. We ran a campaign focused on our vision for conservative leadership and Charlie Geren’s liberal record in Austin. We gave the voters a conservative alternative, and the Austin establishment did everything they could to stop us. Charlie Geren spent…

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