6 Hours Left Till The Deadline We are Hitting Back!


In the last week we have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on attack ads and direct mail completely twisting the truth in an attempt to distract voters.

We are pushing back hard. My campaign has launched a new television ad and increased our budget through election day, but we are still being outspent almost 8 to 1.

Charlie Geren is spending more money on this campaign than Ted Cruz spent in the entire state of New Hampshire.

Sheridan French: Character

Without the support of my wife, I wouldn't be running for State Representative. We are in this together, and truly believe that without conservative leadership, our children will inherit less freedom than we enjoy.

Posted by Bo French on Thursday, February 18, 2016


Will you help us increase our television budget and keep this ad on air?

We can’t spend as much money as Charlie but with your help we can spread our message. Please make a donation today!

God Bless,

– Bo