Endangering My Children is a New Political Low


Running for office comes at a price. There is a reason good people don’t take on the political establishment – they know that those in power will stop at nothing to keep it. That is where my family’s story comes in.

Two years ago, after much prayer, consideration and the blessing of my family, I ran for State Representative against Charlie Geren with a desire to bring true conservative representation to our district. My wife, Sheridan, and I were prepared to be on the receiving end of false accusations; we were told by many this was par for the course when challenging a man like Charlie Geren. Even so, we were committed to running an issues-based campaign and decided not to attack Charlie personally. I am proud to say we stuck to our word. I was subjected to false accusations from the Geren campaign, as expected, however I never once imagined that members of his campaign would put our children in

Friday night before the election in March of 2016, we have reason to believe that a member of Charlie’s campaign team instigated the most evil and malicious political attack we have ever heard of. A case worker from Child Protective Services (CPS) and a police officer knocked on our door. They were responding to a complaint that had been filed against us alleging child abuse was going on in our home. This was followed by repeat visits to our home the next day, and the next. Oddly, once the election was over on Tuesday, CPS never returned. Sheridan and I were shocked. We were angry. We were concerned for our children. We knew Charlie Geren’s campaign would lie about me, but we never dreamed they would take actions to harm our children.

You can only imagine the emotional distress this brought to my wife. Sheridan could not fathom that someone would falsely accuse us of abusing our children – knowing they could potentially be removed from our home after such an accusation – for political gain. This is why good people don’t run for office.

Today, the CPS case has been closed and the accusations – and their source – have come to light. For the last 18 months, we have been engaged in a legal battle, consulting with our legal counsel and investigating everything we could find about all the individuals behind the false complaint. We know more now than we did then. After seeking counsel from our family and friends, Sheridan and I decided the best course of action was to file a lawsuit against David Sorenson, a paid staffer on the Geren campaign during the 2016 race.

Sorenson is a long-time Democrat operative in Tarrant County, and today works for the Democrat Party of Tarrant County. (It is revealing that Charlie’s campaign would hire an avowed progressive liberal Democrat). Our research and Sorenson’s statements in open court give us confidence that he filed the complaint against us with CPS. We are hoping to continue to gain information regarding who else was involved. Running for office is never an easy decision, and as you can imagine, unethical tactics like this make stepping out even more difficult. We seriously considered standing down. It is nothing short of terrifying to have someone come for your children. However, the more digging we did – and the more corruption we found – the more clear it became we had to fight back.

CPS is an incredible state organization and their work is imperative. With so many children in true need of being rescued from abuse throughout our communities, it is utterly disturbing that someone would waste the organization’s valuable time and resources by knowingly filing a false complaint and then use statutory shields of confidentiality to protect themselves from exposure.

Please pray for our family, especially our precious children, as we walk through this difficult situation. Please stand with our family and against the bullies that will do anything to try to keep the political status quo in power. We will make sure that the truth is brought to light. The sacred guardianship of our four children – or anyone’s children – should always be off limits.

Justice must be served, and the conservative principles that are at stake cannot be overlooked.

Fighting for my family and for you,

Husband, Father, and – once again – Candidate for State Representative