French Releases Footage From Friday’s Deposition Of Geren Staffer

French Releases Footage From Friday’s Deposition Of Geren Staffer 

The footage is damning and appalling for anyone who hates corruption

(Fort Worth, TX) On Monday the French Campaign released footage of the deposition of Geren’s former staffer, now Democrat congressional staffer David Sorenson.  Sorenson’s lead attorney (a former Chairman of the Tarrant County Democratic Party) ) attempted to have this deposition delayed until after primary voting—once again claiming Sorensen’s anonymous election-eve report to CPS was an “exercise” of his First Amendment rights.  After Sorensen’s deposition on Friday, it became immediately clear why his legal team did not want him deposed prior to the March 6 election.

90 second clip can be found here:

The French Family’s lead attorney Chris Kratovil, who deposed Sorensen on Friday, stated, “I’ve been practicing law in Texas for 17 years, and I’ve never seen any witness in any case so desperately resist being deposed.  Now I understand why that was.  I’d like to make it clear what this court-ordered deposition brought to light. David Sorenson admitted that he was one of the few people, if not only person, who was familiar with every single detail in the false-but-anonymous CPS complaint made on the Friday before the 2016 primary election.  Sorensen testified that he worked 60-70 hours per week for the Geren campaign for over eight months in 2015-16, and he admitted that he personally communicated these rumors to Charlie Geren and other members of the 2016 Geren campaign team.  Sorenson also admitted that he has no idea who is paying his team of three lawyers (which includes a criminal defense lawyer), at one point claiming that he thought they were working for free, or ‘pro bono’. Every single time we asked Sorensen about CPS, the report made to CPS, the bases for the false allegations communicated to CPS, or who communicated those false allegations, Sorensen’s attorney immediately interjected, instructed Sorensen not to answer the question, and Sorensen complied with his lawyer’s instructions. It’s clear that Sorensen’s ‘pro bono’ defense team desperately wants to conceal the truth about the actual facts behind these false allegations for as long as possible—including until after primary voting has concluded.  That strategy is not fair to the French Family and not fair to the voters of Tarrant County.  We’ll be going back into Court this week to compel Sorensen to answer the numerous questions that he flatly refused to answer on Friday.”

Bo French reacted to the deposition stating, “Sitting across from Sorenson for two hours made this entire case clear in my mind. This political operative working for Charlie Geren  made a politically motivated decision to falsely accuse my wife and I of child abuse to hurt our family and my campaign. It’s disgusting. I will not stop pursuing legal action until justice prevails and the truth is revealed. My children deserve that much.  My wife deserves that much.  And the people of Fort Worth deserve better than this from their elected representative.” 

Bo French and Charlie Geren are the only two candidates for District 99 in the Republican Primary being held on March 6, 2018. District 99 covers the northwest corner of Tarrant County. French and Geren also faced each other in the primary in 2016. The Texas House of Representatives has 150 members elected to two-year terms.