I'm In


Two years ago we ran on a message that conservative representation was lacking in our district. We ran a campaign focused on our vision for conservative leadership and Charlie Geren’s liberal record in Austin. We gave the voters a conservative alternative, and the Austin establishment did everything they could to stop us. Charlie Geren spent $1.6 million to keep his seat.

This session only confirmed what we told the voters 2 years ago: Charlie’s values do not align with ours. Charlie and the other liberals in the Texas House killed Greg Abbott’s property tax reform. They killed legislation that would prohibit local governments from paying for abortions. They killed legislation that would have given parents of special needs students more choices to get their children into schools that better meet their needs.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to see Charlie once again teaming up with Democrats to kill these legislative priorities. He even watered down sanctuary city legislation and proceeded to vote with every Democrat to block amendments that would have strengthened the final bill.

I am announcing today I am running for State Representative. My conviction remains as firm today as it ever has been, and I need your help to ensure we can win this race.

Charlie will spend more this time than he did last – and who knows what he will say about me and my family to win. Please make a $25, $50 or $250 donation.

We need your support today.

God Bless,