Enforcing a Smart and Secure Border, Laws
As a rancher, I have seen first-hand the crises that our open border policy has created. I am deeply concerned about the lack of security on our border and our broken immigration system. I personally led a program that worked with state and federal agencies, that was successful in apprehending hundreds of criminals as they entered the United States, while at the same time helping Texans on and near the border who struggle under the constant threat of cartel violence. When we don’t know who is coming to our country, we can’t screen out people who might be threats. Our state laws should eliminate magnets that attract illegal immigrants, such as in-state tuition the ability to abuse and bankrupt our healthcare system. Politicians in Austin have done too little to protect our state and our border.

  •              Eliminate in-state tuition for anyone who isn’t a Texas citizen

Protecting Traditional Values, the Importance of the Family
“[A redefinition of marriage] fundamentally reorients the institution of marriage away from the needs and rights of children, towards the desires of adults.” -Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D.

In a few short decades, we have seen increasing pressure on the single most important foundation to a civil society: the family. Research consistently shows that traditional values lead to the best outcomes for children: two-parent families where the children are loved, core principles are taught, and good habits formed. What we want, as conservatives, is the best society for everyone, and that relies on policies that strengthen and empower the family. Whether that’s privacy issues, tax policy, or even homesteading laws, we need legislators who will ask whether this policy is first and foremost best for Texas families.

  •             Pass a Privacy Bill to keep sick men out of vulnerable girl’s bathrooms

Championing Your Fundamental Gun Rights
The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. As a lifelong hunter and gun enthusiast, I have a personal attachment to our rights to own and use guns. Guns reduce crime, and gun control causes crime. We ought to be expanding our gun rights, not just defending against the liberal Republicans who are constantly trying to limit our rights. I am committed to Constitutional Carry, and any measure to make it easier to own guns.

  •             Pass Constitutional Carry

Protecting Unborn Life, Ending Abortion
There is no longer a debate about whether or not life exists from the moment of conception; scientists the world over have proven life at conception as fact. The Texas House failed to pass a bill banning abortions done for easily correctable medical problems, such as a cleft palate. The opportunity to outlaw abortions on children with Downs syndrome was missed altogether. Because abortion deals with human lives and major decisions made by parents, our society treats it with a great deal of controversy, but the central question is whether the unborn is a life, and whether babies with problems are worthy of life. The legislature ought to be protecting life in law, and should be stopping abortions done against children who would lead happy, healthy lives.

  •             Outlaw abortions for children with easily correctable problems

Education that serves Texas Students
School choice is a civil rights issue. I want all of our children to meet high standards, with great teachers in strong schools. I support any policy that will improve student outcomes, aid teachers, and promote parental involvement. We ought to design policies that especially help low-income children. Our educational system should empower those who are willing to work hard so that they can succeed.

  •             Let students with special-needs choose the best school that suits their situation

Budgets that Grow the Economy
The Legislature should institute zero-based budgeting making every agency budget for their needs instead of adding to what they already get. Nothing will spur our economy more quickly than our hard-working taxpayers keeping a larger percentage of their money so they can spend, invest, or risk it on new business. That is the key to economic growth. Currently, the Legislature funds a great deal of waste in its two-year, $218 billion budget. Every business knows how to cut costs, but government only grows. For example, the Texas House puts $1 million a year into a program trying to figure out how to kill feral hogs. There is plenty of waste in the state budget to cut.

  •             Cut 10% of the State Budget after identifying and eliminating waste
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